How do you like “The Mouse Woman”?  Kind of creepy-cute huh?  She’s just one character in a massive bronze sculpture (The Jade Canoe) in the Vancouver BC Airport.  The Airport was recently renovated and re-designed for the Olympics held there just a few years ago.  The blue strip I show here is a small capture of a massive glass wall in the Airport, designed out of thousands of strips of blue float glass to convey a giant wave – as along the rugged BC coastline.  I was asked by the BC Calligraphy Guild to come teach a seminar on art journaling last weekend.  It was SUCH a great time meeting a pack of great new friends.  More to follow



“She” has taken front and center and is obviously very comfortable being the center of attention.  I can’t quite decide whether she’s singing, or dancing.  Probably both.



This past Saturday was our very first Art Journaling Day Trip.  A group of seven of us visited the amazing little town of Carmel and painted our way through three different views:  An ocean landscape,  our picnic lunch after visiting the cheese shop, and a quick capture of one of the many quaint cottages that line all the side streets of Carmel.  What’s NOT to like about a great group of artist friends, Carmel, painting, chocolate, cheese, laughing, picnic lunches, cotswold cottages, sunshine and sparkling pacific ocean colors????

Next Journaling Day Trip is July 12th.  Destination is still a secret….

Now Playing…


As you can tell, I’ve been staring out at these shapes for weeks now.  Finally the curtain is going up and the drama has started.  I love how I can’t rush it and that there is a measured pace to the unfolding.

Closest I’ll get…


I am sooo not scientific.  Just not so much my area of interest.  This recent job with PICTURES of scientific things is the closest I’ll get probably to the field.  I had to keep asking and checking what these different things represented and what scientific discipline, etc.   Even the rendering of it had to be precise – whew!  But, when all was said and done,  I felt pretty good about it.  And if you run into some child over in Santa Clara wearing a T-shirt with this design, you can smile know the story behind the little twirly DNA thingy.

Front Yard View


No, really.  This is at least INSPIRED by a view in our front yard.  Yes, there’s a bit of artistic license taken with colors, etc.  Stay tuned for another interpretation of the same view…



I recently finished this commissioned piece.  The words are thousands of years old and  from the prophet Jeremiah.  They were unfamiliar to me, but I fell in love with them,  It launched me on an emotional journey as I sought for just the right imagery to weave together with the words.



Hello.  Look who showed up outside my kitchen window.  They always have been a come-back kind of plant, but this year we thought they were probably done in.  We had that crazy frost that hit at the seemingly wrong time.  My husband chopped them all back and we were saying our good-byes.  Hello!!

Rio Del Mar Beach


Our daughter and grandsons from Oregon were visiting last week.  We grabbed the very first day available and hit the beach.  It was sunny, clear and absolutely joy-ful.  The boys ran and screamed and splashed in the water with utter delight.  Cooper was in heaven too knowing he was part of the team.  It’s one of those days I want to remember.  A day filled with simple and exuberant joys.

Poppies in the Mail



One of the fun things about Art Spa is sending off the confirmation cards in the mail with gifts tucked inside.  I like to think these poppies were plucked right from Monet’s field of red poppies that we’ll be painting together on Saturday, March 29th.  If you hurry you could still skootch into one of a few remaining spaces.  Here is a tiny movie about the event and what the day is all about.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions…


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